Nov 2018

How Digital Transformation Can Improve Customer Experience in the Public Sector

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The hype around digital transformation is certainly a game changer for businesses, but in today’s blog I want to discuss how it can affect and improve the public sector. We are currently leading a digital transformation project for a district council, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share how the transformation will help enhance their current services.

Quality over Quantity

My way of thinking is very simple: “quality over quantity” – and that is exactly what a digital transformation project can bring. How? By chopping away pointless work that employees are doing at the moment. Going digital grants, you top notch technology upgrades, slicker more streamlined processes and greater communication with customers.

Here is a little secret for you that not everyone is aware of: there are additional savings that you may not have added to your ROI. For example, departments can build and manage their own online forms and portals to make available to local businesses, partners and Councillors. That’s not all: field officers and staff will be able to have access to, and update, customer information from wherever they want; you can get a single view of the customer across departments, and highly transactional processes can be analysed.

Customer experience is always at the heart of the project, so how can going digital improve your customers interaction with you? One of the benefits would be the self-service capabilities, which mean that customers can book tickets, pay for products, register for events easily; and you can capture customer insights to enable continual service improvement.

A small tip for you: a great feature which can improve self-service capabilities is to build a chatbot into your system. This feature is a brilliant way for customers to talk to a program which hold answers to key questions that can occur and won’t therefore need human support. The advantages behind this are:

  • Cost reduction
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Monitoring consumer data & gaining insights

Embarking on a digital transformation journey will have some happy side affects such as reducing the number of paper-reliant processes for both staff and customers. Also, adding booking systems, customer portals and online chat gives your team time, which they can allocate to other customers’ enquiries. And, to top it all off, it is better for the environment which every business, be it public or private sector, need to make greater strides in.

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