‘Network First’ For Digital Transformation

Deciding to start your digital transformation journey is half the battle; the other half is deciding where to start…

Digital transformation projects vary from business to business depending on the end results you are looking for; some will involve varying scales of lifting and shifting applications into public and private cloud environments, with others it can mean the transformation of monolithic applications to modern, flexible micro-service architecture to become agile and leading edge within the markets you operate in.

However, no matter what kind of digital transformation project you undertake, the end-user service experience is what will determine whether or not your time, efforts and expenditure were worth it. So, what is the key to your success? Your network! This mostly overlooked aspect of the digital transformation journey could be either your saviour or your barrier to success.

The first step in any successful digital transformation strategy is assessing your network infrastructure. Not knowing what state this is in before you start transformation could mean wasted time and money, and applications you may not need. Why would anyone put in a new heating system without checking you have enough pipes to support it? You wouldn’t; and this is a vital step that is often missed out when undertaking a digital overhaul of your business.

Delivering your end-user applications will require a flexible multi-network approach to ensure you have full control, can adapt and be agile in this ever-changing business environment. End users need to be able to access applications over a multitude of bandwidths as well having control of the network delivery at a push of a button.

Having a ‘Network First’ approach will give you the chance to really assess where to go next. Selecting your ‘Next-Gen’ network is no easy task, it has to be agile to allow visibility and performance to your customers, it also has to be scalable so that it can scale with your business.

Assessing your network before you undertake any digital transformation project will provide you with the luxury of knowing exactly what your businesses need from the beginning.

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