Oct 2021

Transforming the lives and futures of students and staff with next-generation campus network upgrade

Peter Job 1 min read

Intergence is delighted to announce that they have won an exciting new programme of work to assist the University of Sussex with the replacement of their entire campus network infrastructure. The network underpins all the technology utilised by the University and is an integral part of the University’s commitment to its students and the delivery of the Learn to Transform Strategy.


This is a highly visible flagship Programme, at the heart of the community, which will provide a modern, secure, high speed wired and wireless campus data network to help Sussex achieve its strategic objectives of delivering a world-class education that transforms students’ lives and their futures”


The Network Replacement Programme (NRP) responds directly to feedback from the student body through surveys such as the National Student Survey (NSS) and will transform the student experience across the whole campus.  The programme will be completed over the next 4 years and will provide the University with a sustainable future proof solution, which will allow them to benefit from emerging technologies for many years to come as well as making management and expansion of services much more flexible and cost-effective.


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Peter Job
Peter Job

As founder and CEO, since 2003 Peter has been helping IT executives retain control of their digital ecosystems. After starting Intergence Peter went on to create Hyperglance, the world’s first 3D visualisation tool for IT infrastructure and application process flows. He has brought that expertise to bear in the creation of Stratiam – Intergence’s cornerstone technology platform. Previously Peter held senior sales and management positions at Gandalf, Alcatel, ThruPoint and Omnetica. Outside of technology his passions include sport and if he wasn’t running Intergence he would love to be part of an F1 pit crew.

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