Why APM could be the best Christmas present for Digital Transformation

As the festive season enters its final week, my wife always laughs at me as I have historically left all my Christmas shopping to the last minute. I find that I can usually get some great bargains and also shop on a relatively quiet Christmas Eve after the crowds have gone and I have finished my work.

This year however, I have “turned over a new leaf” as I always seem to buy the wrong socks or at best the colour was not quite right. My son is still wearing the uncomfortable wrong sized socks that I bought him two years ago and he still hasn’t completely forgiven me.

Generally speaking, the online retail experience has improved massively and I have been able to get the majority of my gifts online and supplemented this with the occasional retail foray into Cambridge. There are some sites that I have found very slow in response times and needless to say that I haven’t spent too long on these. I am sure that many of these don’t understand the importance of a great “Omnichannel experience”. Not only has the website got to work, but it also has to understand the customer needs and then ensure the goods are dispatched and delivered.

Which brings me onto my main point. The majority of our clients are embarking on a digital transformation journey and we are helping them at various stages of this. All too often though, the poor old customer gets forgotten about. How can you work out the progress of your digital journey if you are not measuring yourself and your level of customer satisfaction along the way?

All too often I meet clients who have embarked on a digital transformation journey and discover that Application Performance Management and the end customer experience is a bit like my Christmas shopping trips. The view seems to be, let’s worry about how it looks when we have built the house, which is rather similar to the story about my sons socks. If you leave Application Performance Management and the “Voice of the customer” to the last minute the chances are that you will fail to deliver a great user experience and you will find it much harder to measure your progress along the digital highway.

Of course it’s important to build your AWS Cloud or Hybrid and rationalise the applications and processes, but we are passionate about ensuring that you baseline your existing estate first and then build great analytics to plot the whole of the journey. That’s why we have produced this latest white paper on Application Performance Management which you can download here. The key message is that if you build the foundations right, your digital transformation process will be smoother and much more likely to deliver great services to your customers.

How Can We Help You With Digital Transformation?

We really do want to help you avoid the experience that my son has had for the last two years, wearing socks that don’t fit him. This year I am determined to ensure that my Christmas shopping experience is less painful and the results more memorable. We also hope that our experience in helping our clients to understand and deliver great customer experience through intelligent Application Performance Management, will help prevent you sending the wrong socks to your users. A very Merry Christmas to you all and look forward to a great 2017!